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Happiness  charged  Centenarians

http://www.kbs.co.kr/end_program/2tv/sisa/100age/intro/index.html <ST Expert Contact info> Sunghwan Kim : Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Korea Ssang Jul Gon (nunchucks) Association     T. 02-2299-2478 T. 02-426-0572

* The video is the health program “Happily Living up to One-hundred" that was broadcast from Monday to Friday in KBS which is a representative TV station in Korea. It is the second part of Friday’s program “You can become one of the Well-being people,” and it covers people who keep their health through unique diet, life style, and exercise. It invites experts to the studio, and lets them analyze those people scientifically and professionally. The video covers Sangjin Park who keeps his health through doing nunchucks exercise,and the expert of nunchucks, Master Sunghwan Kim, analyzes him professionally. What it means by an expert here is mostly either the professors who obtained doctor’s degree or doctors. The characteristics and the content of the program are as follows : 

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